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the camera and the eye

“A photograph is the illusion of a literal description of how the camera ‘saw’ a piece of time and space.” – Garry Winogrand

When I’ve once started my adventure in audio DSP developments my attention was catched quite soon on how our hearing actually works: Why we perceive things as they are in music, how we can locate an instrument in a room without seeing it and what the so-called psychoaccoustic effect occurring in our brain implies (which is quite substantial). One just can be in awe of nature for such a sophisticated and complex design.

Whilst digging more into photography quite recently, I’m getting also more and more intrigued on how seeing actually works: Having a lens, a pupil and a sensor (the retina) on the one side but some sophisticated processing in our brain on the other. So: Whats the difference to a camera, basically?

For now, I just want to give two reading tips for those who are also interested in such weird stuff. As few people know, that guys from Lensrentals do also write a great Blog which not only talks about lens measurements and MTF graphs and stuff but also provides some fun and interesting readings left and right:

Learn how many megapixel your eyes have, how their focal length can be estimated and why all cats are grey at night – enjoy reading!

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One thought on “the camera and the eye

  1. the second article, Fun with color vision, is very interesting and useful, I might need to go back to it when I have more time and read it carefully… thanks a lot!! 🙂


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