Variety Of Light


“The introduction of photographer Nobuyuki Kobayashi.” – That guy must be sort of insane but have a closer look on your own:



Old School New York: Must see Kodachrome slides of vintage New York, 1940s-1960s – Check ’em out here!

Everything you always wanted to know about Depth of Field and Bokeh but were afraid to ask: In this 45 page heavy paper, Dr. Hubert Nasse from Carl Zeiss spill the beans about it. Read that document here!

Everything you always wanted to know about The Math Behind the Rolling Shutter Phenomenon but were afraid to ask is written down here. Warning: Contains lots of math!

Maybe a little bit pathetic but the according series of photography about Tibet I saw in a recent magazine was pretty much stunning:
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2 thoughts on “detritus

  1. I found that doing a bit of the physics/math homework made me a better artist. Knowledge is power and it can fuel creativity. Thanks, I’ll read those links after I return from a concert.


  2. Some great reading ahead, thank you for the links!


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