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some before and after color grading samples


“Color Reel – The House On Pine Street” is a showcase of some great before and after color grading samples from the independent feature film “The House On Pine Street.” This film was colored by Taylre Jones at Grade located in Kansas City – see GradeKC and – all credits belong to them.

So, what’s going on here beside that beautiful footage?

For most of the scenes, quite different versions of grading examples are shown. This elaborates on how completely different moods can just be created by proper color adjustments. If someone is wondering why the before samples are that much flat looking its just because the footage was filmed with so-called S-Log curves which are basically logarithmic shaped gamma correction curves.

They produce an almost flat tonal output but which preserves dynamic information in both – the high and the low lights – even within that lower bit depth video codecs. With state-of-the-art digital photography we can simply ignore that step by just utilizing the plain but higher bit depth RAW file to perform color correction and grading on. More on that later …

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One thought on “some before and after color grading samples

  1. Really fascinating, totally different moods – wonder whether the director is in control of this part of the process too?


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