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9 thoughts on “nostalgia

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  2. I use to rewind those with a stylo… Was faster. 😉


  3. L. Scott Knight on said:

    I remember when the first Walkman appeared in school. Tape was the thing my entire childhood (well, since I was allowed to touch such things.) but vinyl records albums were still the premium medium. My first big studio gig was on 2″ tape (24 track) and I used to record 4 track on HQ BASF.

    Nostalgic? Yeah, but things are way better today.


  4. Do you remember that headphones with red foam?


  5. God I hated them…I really did. Hissssss –> Dolby NR On –> muffle –> Dolby NR Off –> Hisssss again –> Arrrgh! lol But hey my car didn’t have a turntable and Sony never got around to making that 33 1/3 rpm Walkman so… ; ) Oddly, I still have some of my old cassettes, don’t know why. Could it be…nostalgia?


  6. I was just talking about cassette tapes and VHS with my coworker yesterday. I kind of miss them actually!


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